Our toddler program provides a nurturing, welcoming environment where your child can experience activities that support their fast paced development. The activities for this age group are built around your toddlers limitless curiosity and their natural desire to explore in their own way. Children are able to engage in creative play that supports their symbolic thinking, language development and social interaction skills with other children all while being cared for by teachers that are experienced, educated and professional. To be eligible for this class your child must be 18 months old.


Toddler Curriculum Objectives

Language & Literacy

Children will express their thoughts and needs using expressive
vocabulary and begin to identify familiar people, animals, and objects
when prompted.


Children will form positive relationships with peers, manage feelings by
comforting self, learn to express themselves appropriately, and accept
redirection from teachers.

Creative Expression/Music

Children will learn songs and rhymes through finger play and hand
motions, express themselves through movement and dance, and channel
their creativity through process art.

Citizens of the World and Community

Children will engage in other cultures’ traditions, learn to identify members
of the community, and learn to respect others in and out of classroom.


Children will learn to sort and classify objects based on shape and colors,
understand the concept of number and counting, learn measurement, and
recognize repetition.


Children will learn to form healthy habits both hygienically and nutritionally.
Children will also be encouraged to develop their gross motor skills
appropriate to their age development.

Science & Social Studies

Children will learn to explore their enriched environment through play and
perform their own experiments and form conclusions.