This program provides a classroom­ based preschool learning program with an emphasis on kindergarten readiness. In this classroom, curriculum revolves around a weekly theme where children are able to learn through their play while also advancing their skills in pre­academic areas such as literacy, math, science, as well as in other essential areas such as art, social and emotional well­being, and health and wellness. Our child­ centered approach ensures that each child is exposed to a diverse array of learning activities. To be eligible for this class children must be 4 years of age.


Pre K Curriculum Objectives

Language & Literacy

Children experiment with different letter and sound relationships, explore characters and story plots, use critical thinking skills to make predictions, explore poetry.


Group activities help children learn to follow directions, take turns and develop friendships, learn to express feelings verbally and act appropriately.

Creative Expression/Music

Children clap, move and sing songs, find and follow rhythm, use instruments; create art by folding, cutting and coloring, have access to a variety of tools and mediums in the art center, act out lyrics to favorite songs, act out stories in a familiar sequence.

Citizens of the World and Community

Children explore the traditions of other cultures, learn about people in the community, explore the ideas of giving to those in need.


Children explore number concepts and practice comparing, classifying and measuring. Teachers introduce patterning, graphing, reasoning and problem solving.


Children practice fine motor skills with puzzles and improve balance through fun activities. Emphasis on gross motor.

Science & Social Studies

Children perform simple experiments, learn about the weather, compare personal characteristics, explore different animal species, various cultural and family traditions. Teacher provides large array of sensory activities.