Help your child develop their social, intellectual, physical and emotional skills by
enrolling them in our “Intro to Preschool” class where they can participate in hands on
learning and a variety of fun experiences! We provide a safe and engaging atmosphere
where your child can learn about the world around them while developing their independence and self confidence. Our program lays a strong foundation for future learning and success. To be eligible for this class your child must be 2 years old.


Introduction to Preschool Curriculum Objectives

Language and Literacy

Children learn to communicate and develop receptive and expressive language through participation in conversations, story time, pictures and print, as well as experimenting with drawings and writing.


Children begin to learn to play cooperatively with other children and learn to be a member of a group; choose to participate in solitary play or parallel play; learn importance of sharing through group activities.


Children learn to match same size shapes with each other as well as using objects to understand measurement and quantity.


Children demonstrate basic gross motor skills (i.e. running, climbing height-leveled structures) and basic fine motor skills (drawing, building blocks); begin to achieve toilet training.

Creative Expression/Music

Children use instruments, clap, and move to the sound of music; create art by coloring, painting, and drawing as well as learning to cut using scissors.


Children explore materials of different textures, colors, shapes, and sizes; observe and describe various experiences and experiments; question and begin learning to make simple predictions.