Our “Preschool” class is a specially designed curriculum with plenty of play. Children in this class will be introduced to language, math, science, and social skills in a sequence that is best suited to your child’s unique needs. Curriculum in this class revolves around a bi­weekly theme and activities are planned around 6 main developmental areas. This class helps children build self-esteem, confidence, friendships and a love for school while gearing them up to transition into our pre kindergarten program. To be eligible for this class children must be 3 years old.


Preschool Curriculum Objectives

Language & Literacy

Children will express themselves using more complex words and expanded sentences, understand and follow oral directions, ask questions, and begin to identify letters and symbols.


Children will learn to play well with peers, use thinking skills to resolve conflicts, and recognize the feelings of others and respond appropriately.

Creative Expression/Music

Children will listen, sing, and perform songs, use basic instruments, as well as express themselves through body movement. Children will also use different materials and techniques to make art creations.

Citizens of the World and Community

Children will identify similarities and respect differences among people and differing cultures and understand the reasons for rules in the home and in the classroom.


Children will understand the concept of numbers and shapes, identify patterns, group and classify objects, and will be able to compare objects using attributes of length, weight and size.


Children will learn about the importance of healthy habits both in the classroom and at home, such as being active and being conscious of nutrition.

Science & Social Studies

As natural scientists, children will explore their environments, investigate materials, gather information, ask questions and describe their observations. Children will also learn about the weather and identify animal species.


Observes objects and events with curiosity, shows persistence in approaching tasks, explores cause and effect, takes on pretend roles and situations.