Our main entrance is secured with a set of double doors accessible by keypad to parents who have children attending our school or by employees of the school only. All visitors are required to check in with the staff supervisor on duty and provided an escort while visiting. Daily sign-in/out and strict parent/guardian identification procedures are standard practice.

Classrooms, playgrounds and entrances are monitored via security cameras 24 hours a day. Parents are able to come in and view their children on a monitor to see how they interact in the classroom at any time. We regularly inspect equipment to make sure that your child is safe and secure with us.
Our lead teaching team is trained in all aspects of health and safety. Additionally, each teacher is required to successfully complete a thorough background check.

To ensure your child’s safety in an emergency situation, we conduct monthly fire and evacuation drills along with quarterly lockdown and severe weather drills. Each classroom is equipped with an Emergency Operation Manual which includes easy step by step instructions for all emergency procedures and access to all emergency phone numbers.